Janet Southard

Executive Director & Macro specialist with Wild Arena

I’ve been interested in wildlife and photography forever, through my dad giving me my first camera when I was 13 and always having animals around. I studied photography at college and worked in animal care at an animal rescue centre in Surrey. More recently I’ve been involved in customer service and have extensive experience at making things run smoothly for clients – a very useful asset when working with the less organized guides at Wild Arena!

I previously worked with film, medium format and black & white photography and now concentrate on Canon D-SLR equipment. I’m particularly interested in photographs showing animal behaviour and interaction. I’m also responsible for much of the development of Wild Arena's own animal collection and currently care for 29 different species in our studio workshop. But importantly I’m also responsible for Branston and Baloo, the company's lovable dogs, who are often seen snuffling around the cars at many of our workshops.

I have been working as a guide with Wild Arena since 2006 and have been the official photographer at Knowsley Safari park since 2012. I’m also involved in wedding & social photography and undertake other professional assignments throughout the year for a number of commercial clients. You can normally find me on a variety of Wild Arena’s one-day workshops and European tours. I’m also one of the main contacts in the office and studio at Knowsley.

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